Our Story

We bonded immediately when we recognized that we shared a passion for helping couples stay in love. While many relationship professionals are much more cool and neutral than we are, we have giant hearts and lots of energy for this project!  We are all in for coaching couples to find creative ways to love big! That's how the Relationship Practice Academy was born. Our love of love led us to join to develop our signature course, Journey To Intimacy, our Conversation Club, our blog, our coaching services, and other products to help you have the love you deserve.

While we enjoy our work as therapists and relationship coaches, what really revs our motors is building deeply connected and thriving relationships. We practice relational living in our own marriages, with our clients and colleagues, and our families. 

We make it a high priority to practice healthy relationality with each other. We work hard. We laugh a lot. We cry. We have honest, respectful and thoughtful conversations. 

So, learn a little about each of us and our marriages below. We look forward to getting to know you as we serve you here at the Relationship Practice Academy! 

our story - Bonnie and Alan

Bonnie and Alan.jpg

After a long and exhaustive search, I was lucky enough to find Alan, the man of my dreams. We just celebrated 19 wonderful years of marital bliss. Though we dated for two years prior to tying the knot, I had announced that I had found the man I would marry in an email to friends, after our first date. So, I like to say I believe in love at first sight. 

Professionally, Alan is a top notch C.P.A. His combination of generosity, hard work, and savvy tax moves makes him very popular with his clients. Alan is a voracious reader. I sometimes have to pull him out of the local Starbucks, where he has languished for hours with his nose in his Kindle. A quirky, little known fact about Alan is that when he goes to a new town, he always checks out the local library. He has an extensive collection of library cards. He's a wild man, what can I say? 

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I love many things: New York City, Stephen Sondheim's musicals, Scrapbooking, Cole Porter and Gershwin songs, Arts & Crafts. I love Woody Allen's neuroses and he never made a movie I didn't at least like. Golden Retrievers who are always happy melt my heart and I can be bought with a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream cone. 

Together, we enjoy a peaceful and copacetic life in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Alan's four adult children and three grandchildren are a blessing in our lives.


Our Story – Scott and Mary

Scott and Mary Graphic.jpg

Mary jokes it was all based on ‘Leading Lady Syndrome.’  I cast her in a play I was directing at a local community theatre company (Yes, we are indeed theatre geeks and we wave our geek flag high!) and she thought my attraction to her was because she was the star of the play. 

One night after a performance, Mary and I spent an entire night talking until four in the morning. I drove home with my head spinning. Hale-Bopp Comet was in our galactic neighborhood at the time. I saw it so clearly in in the dawning sky and actually said out-loud, “Yep, she’s the one. That’s a sign.”  I call that “The Knowledge.” Two years later, we were married. 

Since then we’ve grown our family and grown together. We have an amazing son and many a pet. Every year, I discover more about myself. I learn how to practice the daily art of love. I learn everyday how to practice cherishing her. I learn to be grateful every day to be married to my very best friend.  Also, turns out it really wasn’t Leading Lady Syndrome; I’m still in love with this amazing star of our real life production!


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