Ah, young love. My adolescent son and his girlfriend can talk endlessly. With social media, Facetime and Skype, texting, oh – and actual phone calls, they can be in almost constant communication. And they talk about everything.

I’ve been married for going on seventeen years, and it’s a little different for us. My wife has heard all my hyperbolic stories ad nauseum. There isn’t much for us to discover about each other as there is for my son and his girlfriend. That being said, I’m grateful my wife and I communicate well. We’ve learned the art of having conversations.

Most of the couples calling for counseling tell me, “We don’t know how to communicate.” Whether it’s talking about feelings, being clear about logistics, negotiating disagreements or even finding the time to talk, most couples struggle with communication.

Yet, every single person understands the importance of being able to effectively and consistently connect with their partner on all kinds of topics. Sadly, most of us don’t really know how to have those conversations.

We want to remedy that!  Introducing:  THE CONVERSATION CLUB!

At the RelationshipPracticeAcademy.com website, we give you templates to seven core conversations couples need to be having:

1.      Relationship Reckoning Conversations: when it’s time to ‘rock the boat’

2.      Money Conversations: it ain’t sexy, but it’s necessary

3.      Limit-Setting Conversations:  when things must change

4.      Kitchen Table Conversations:  everyday exchanges of information through warmth and tenderness

5.      Culture Creating Conversations: moving beyond just surviving

6.      Cherishing Conversations: celebrating your relationship

7.      Bedroom Conversations:  let’s talk about sex!

Each of the Conversations has a ‘recipe’. We developed a Conversation Primer with four parts:

1.      Introduction and Definitions

2.      Things to Consider

3.      Pitfalls to Avoid

4.      Preferred Outcomes

Now we could tell you all about them here, but what fun would that be?! You need to go and check them out for yourself. http://www.relationshippracticeacademy.com/conversations/

If you want to improve your communication with your partner – take some time to understand what KINDS of conversations can help you get there.

We would love to hear what you think about the Conversation Club. Please Comment on this blog, or our Facebook Page. If you and your partner are having an effective conversation we might have missed, please let us know!

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